Special Spot Light on Royal Free Hospital

Project: Medical School Phases 3 & 4

Project value: c.£1.4 million

Summary of works:

During the refurbishment programme on the 2nd floor, lower 3rd floor and upper 3rd floor of the Royal Free Hospital, Alpine Works was engaged to provide all electrical services installations and specialist medical requirements.

The full range of works included TVSS protection and associated mains supplies; new containment systems including dado trunking, power pole and ceiling power post installations; lighting including luminaires and emergency lighting, general lighting and modular wiring lighting control systems; small power and mechanical services power; audio/visual systems; fire detection and alarms; lightning protection; voice and data installations; induction loop; ground floor intercom system; TV and radio installation and a nurse call system.

Finally, security works that we undertook as part of the programme included door and emergency door release, entry phone door access control system, CCTV, door alarm and panic alarm monitoring. 

Project: Vascular Theatre

Project value: c.£230,000

Summary of works:

When RFH created a new Vascular Theatre from the existing Theatre 10 on the 3rd floor of the hospital,   Alpine Works supported the project using our specialist skills for the modifications to the existing LV switch gear and the installation of sub-mains and distribution boards.

We also installed new supplementary earth bonding systems; lighting systems and emergency lighting; small power systems; IPS installation and associated containment; a UPS system (including containment); fire alarms; theatre operating luminaires; a surgeons’ panel and PACS computer; IT cable containment and RJ45 outlets; a nurse call system; automatic door connections; and power supplies and outlets to medical pendants and other mechanical equipment.

Project: Accident & Emergency Decant Enabling Works

Project value: c.£600,000

Summary of works:

This extensive project involved moving entire departments as a prelude to planned and extensive refurbishment of the A&E Department.

For Alpine Works, the project involved the creation of 24-person hot desks on five floors; the creation of a new Clinic on the first floor; a refurbishment of another clinic on the ground floor and the refurbishment of Paediatrics on the lower ground floor. Careful planning was required as we were working in and adjacent to clinical areas, which required the maintenance of the highest standards of infection control.

Project: Ambulatory Care/PITU

Project value: c.£525,000

Summary of works:

Our work here involved electrical installation in 25 new patient bed bays, treatment rooms, consulting rooms and three clinical procedure rooms, including new general small power and lighting systems; access control; CCTV and security; structured wiring; fire alarms; and nurse call systems which were also interfaced with existing systems to adjacent wards. We also managed a mains distribution upgrade including shutdowns and the installation of medical pendants and operating luminaires incorporating UPS & IPS systems: providing additional resilience to maintain power supplies to critical equipment at all times.

The project spanned two phases of construction of a new renal day ward centre, while maintaining existing adjacent hospital facilities that were in operation at all times. 

Project: Cellular Therapeutics Laboratories

Project value: £239,000

Summary of works:

Alpine Works was commissioned to support a single project in three phases: Phase 1 provided a new Stage 1 growing area, product storage and cell processing laboratories, without disruption to existing services. Phase 2 provided a new steel-framed building on the Ground Floor of a four-storey light well to house Cat B production laboratories and required the installation of sophisticated and complex electrical design. Phase 3 completed the production facility, which reduces operating costs and facilitates retention of UK operating licences.