Building C MSRH – Day 3 Works

Location: The Imperial College, White City, London
Duration: 40 weeks

Scope of project

Alpine Works role as main contractor for the revised design medical gas usage in the Basement Laboratories. The works included stripping out the existing gases within four laboratories replacing the pipework with a high purity stainless steel installation to outlets on benches and within existing Fume cupboards, updating electrical sockets, installing a dedicated clean earth, upgrade of the existing Gas Detection System and adaptions to existing Fume Cupboards.


The major challenge with this project was to maintain a cleanliness throughout the project due to the purity needed of the installation. 99.999% purity was required for the Stainless-Steel Pipework installation.

Specialist tools were required, including adapted vacuum cleaners with Hepa filters when drilling even the smallest holes.

Further challenges arose when dealing with the Acetylene lines and the need for Atex rated zones. Electrically the risk of any item causing a small spark within the laboratories could have been catastrophic. Switchless sockets, bespoke lighting and the use of pneumatic valves were utilised to overcome this risk. This was a particularly interesting job and we are proud to handover a complex but an outstanding installation.

Imperial College

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