šŸ’”Inspiring Visit to the Zumtobel Group Light Centre

Our team recently had the privilege of exploring the state-of-the-art Zumtobel Light Centre in Islington. Led by Simon Blyth and Ben Hillman; Zumtobel’s Project & Specification Engineers, we were immersed in the latest lighting innovations.

From upgradeable luminaires to advanced control technologies, Zumtobel showcased products which aligned with our project priorities of sustainability and maintainability. We were particularly impressed by their solutions enabling easy onsite reuse and refurbishment.

A standout moment was experiencing a remarkable Ā£250k light art installation that poetically illustrates light waves in motion through space. Zumtobel’s lighting expertise really shone through this sculptural work.

Overall, it was an informative and inspiring visit, and we look forward to specifying and integrating their products into our projects in innovative ways.

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