Compliance Surveys

If you are unsure of an existing system’s compliance with current regulations, we can conduct a full survey for you. This will include the following actions:

  1.  Review latest site drawings to determine areas not covered by emergency lighting as required by BS 5266-1 2011
  2. Carry out a visual and photographic survey to verify and record these areas
  3. Carry out lighting level (lux) readings where applicable
  4. Carry out a functional test of all installed emergency lights

We will then provide a compliance report with recommendations and corrective actions needed.

It will include marked-up site drawings, identifying areas that require attention and /or additional EM lighting to be installed.


  Contact us to find out more.


Further reference:

  1. The ECA Short Guide Series: Emergency Lighting Systems – Guide to the Design, Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance of Emergency Lighting Systems
  2. ECA Guidance for Electrical Contractors on Emergency Lighting Legislation

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